Bro/Vault Engine

Most videogames run on top of generic code bases with editor features. Engines. The engine Conga is derived from is called Bro, written in C++ and OpenGL. Vault is a game made with this engine. I'm not actively working on either of these so I'm distributing their source code for free. See below.

Vault's Features

  • Infinite, Editable Terrain
  • Cube-Mapped Point-Light Shadows
  • Deferred Rendering (unlimited lights)
  • FK animation
  • Generic Shader Compiler
  • Generic Texture Atlas w/ cache feature
  • Physics, Homebrew
  • Math Library, Homebrew
Shadows. Floaty guy.

Distributed under the MIT License. If you use any part of it for commercial purposes, i'd appreciate a thank you.


Compile with MS Visual Studio 2015 or later.

The engine won't work right out of the box because the renderer is in the middle of an asynchronous switchover (search 'execSync'). There are some minor compile errors because the includes need to be rearranged. I will fix these problems later when I get time.

Bro 32/64 bit Download
Vault (game) 32/64 bit Download
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