Update Log

This is the log of the daily changes made to the Conga game. Since There isn't enough visual content to put on the main page (usually) on a daily basis this will give more details on what's new.

Some of this stuff may be confusing. I just put whatever I'm working on in here. Mostly small stuff. When a big change happens I'll write a more detailed article about it.

May 30, 2017

Finally got lighting to work.

Deferred + forward rendering.

May 26, 2017

Lots of design.

Merging Deferred, Forward rendering.


Fixed Gui Rendering

Gui Render Speedup.

Got rid of debug sphere.

Further fixes to the 2d rendering

*Need to fix world rendering.

*Need to fix skybox.

Finally removed unprojectQuad (performance issue)


Fixed text rendering

Text render speedup


It could be something we initialize

World meshes aren't getting constructed - why?

*Set debug mode to flat

*Critical note - changed boundbox/frustum intersect.

*Further Issue - The Texture atlas cache doesn't account for sprite x/y offsets. so some data doesn't get set


Fixed some util mesh stuff due to no buffer data copies.

More meshes are drawing.


Util Sphere is still probably erroring out

FontShader - set to green and alhpa to 1

*COMMENTED parts of draw2d from draw loop (congaroom)

*COMMENTED draw3d from draw() (congaroom)

*Moved roombase::step to the render loop (engine.cpp)


Removed SSBOs from shader system (GLES 3.0 support)

Support for uniform blocks.

Removed array[] from g_deferredParams

set g of f_flatshader to 1

fixed random float out of bounds issue

Still rendering issues..

Found ONE of the issues. - We were transposing the matrices before sending to shader

Why? I forgot. So un-transposed them and some of the system is working.

May 14, 2017

Fix Shader Errors. Deferred Params.

Fixed bug in VertexFormat for comp count (one of the formats)

There's something wrong with the Deferred and Forward framebuffers.

Both aren't rendering any shader program primitives.

May 13, 2017

Fixed saveImage.

Fixed errors trying to load program binaries

F9 - Save Screenshot

Fixed the framebuffer issue finally.

Problem was that the vertex format had extra padding for vec4. Removed.

Deferred has shader issues

Next task convert shader Uniforms tot he Deferred Params

uniform float _ufHdrSampleExp;

uniform float _ufHdrToneMapExp;


May 10, 2017

More Chaos.

The Uniform data sizes were fat fingered - fixed.

Still a rendering issue somewhere.

Added image saving.

The FBO works if you check the debug saved image, it just doesn't get rendered to the screen.

It's the mesh, or the shader, or some combination of the 2, or the VAO. I can't tell what's wrong

May 9, 2017

Changed VAOS - made faster.

The old shader system was backwards. Instead

having 1 VAO per shader instance.

move draw() routine to shader instead of VAO

removed legacy Mesh class for MeshGeneric


changed ObjectFile to use MeshSpec

May 8, 2017

More on MSAA and the Deferred Framebuffer.

Ported "GrowBuffer".

Debugging Deferred Lighting.

Shader Mayhem. Shader system is still in progress.

Added support for Forward and Deferred rendering via config.

FramebufferForward, FramebufferMultisampleDeferred.

More Config parameters (you can change in a text file).

Removed ctor identity from mat4 (performance).

Debugging the Util Meshes.

Debugging multiple render targets.

Lots of shader program work.

May 7, 2017

Debugging new shader system.

Need to test deferred system imported test stuff.

Imported RenderUtils:: static methods

Lots of ported code!

Imported UtilMesh, UtilMeshAxis.. all those

Imported MeshSpec

Imported MeshCreator

Imported MaterialSpec

Imported FragmentBufferData /Index

May 6, 2017

Light manager.Lights

SUPPORT for Cube shadows (per point light). This will be fully put in in a future update.

Point Lights



Moving config to EngineConfig

moving GpuBufferGeneric over... keeping SSBOs for now. It's just faster.

Not compatible with GLES3.0?

SSBO's for vertex shader.

May 05, 2017

Continue Deferred Lighting

Ported, DiskFile, Shader Compiler, Shader Cache, Shader Manager (as ShaderMaker)

Fixed an error where we cut out while other threads are generating.

Made shaders nifty.

Debug like hell.

TODO: - finish debug the new shader replacement in CongaRoom.

Add uniforms to the shaders, and also add lights

Import the "DeferredParams" into shader.

May 05, 2017

Continue Deferred Lighting

Ported, DiskFile, Shader Compiler, Shader Cache, Shader Manager (as ShaderMaker)

Generic-y Uniform loading for shaders.

May 04, 2017

Optimized data footprint. ~700kb full glob -> ~300kb

Single cell updates!

Added world limit size config parameter

Got rid of SDL2.dll linked as SDL lib. - App is just an EXE now.

Removed "propogate" in the cells.

Fixed the cell linking problems.

Added debug for the linking.

x86 and X64 build configurations

64-bit build!

Added glob Limits 2k for 32-bit 4k for 64-bit

Added Icons to app. Launch Icon.

Began porting Deferred Lighting from Vault.

Got rid of Gas. A new system will be used for gas.

May 02/May 03, 2017

Changed BVH for nodes to be octree instead of the H/V

Made mesh one huge mesh instead of the 32 layers.

`It's a bit slower to generate probably because std::vector just keeps increasing in size.

Removed cells per height because lal nodes needs to be cubed

redid linking. much faster

May 1/May 02, 2017

Procedural generation

More lairs.

Refactored a lot of code, TypeConv, String

Morph Tiles


Moved Fluid and Generation to Idle Processing

Apr 30, 2017


Apr 28, 2017

Fixed porting issues with SDL via 32/24 bit depth buffers.

Fixed some of the OpenGL init state.

Apr 24, 2017

Added bro/logger

Fixed a ton of warnings.

Apr 22, 2017

Created the sound system. WORKS

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