Teaser Version ReleasedMay 26, 2017

Stable version of the Conga editor released. Click the link to download.

Conga Teaser 0.01 Click here to download.
How To Install
  • Unzip to your desktop.
  • In the folder where you unzipped this, click on Conga_d.exe to play the game.
  • Note: Your graphics card MUST support 32 bit depth buffers for this to run. Sorry. It's fixed in future versions. (Thanks to Ludum Dare 38 for revealing this)
How To Play
  • Press "E" to go into edit mode
  • Click and drag with the right mouse button to look around.
  • Use W,S,A,D to move.
  • Use the tool icons to change edit modes.
  • Use the left mouse button to edit the world.
Disclaimer Click Here

This teaser is only a part of the game. There will be many changes before the official 1st installment, but for now you can play with the world. Build houses, drop some objects, break the unstable physics system and soforth. The data files are also moddable and there's some vague instructions in there. I'm not responsible if it crashes.

Conga isn't well known, so if you like it please tell your friends. The more support it gets the better it will be and the faster it'll get released.

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