Land Ho!May 2, 2017

Below is a view of the new terrain. The Conga world uses procedural generation to create various terrain features.

Land. And water too

This is a cutaway of the Conga game world. A lot of science-y stuff is making it look like this.

Making it Work

The game is mainly a simulation. The "Dwarf Conga", game that was originally intended was supposed to be 2.5D. A 2D plane with some 3D objects. It has changed a lot! I may add the dwarf-finding features later in the process, but for now the focus is going to be on getting this world to generate properly, and look cool.

Solid, Liquid.. Gas!

The whole world is composed of 3 matters. Solid for terrain Liquid for water, lava, swamp, and.. Gas. Yes gas. Gas will be used for future features of the game. For now it just gets generated along with the other materials.

Biomes, Lairs, Walkers

The box-shaped segments you see in the video are "globs." The biomes are what I call Lairs. Lairs are a chunk of random globs with the same ecosystem and they're generated with their own climate. The climate is the Whittaker classification with the addition of pressure.


Did you know the earth is solid? It's not filled with "lava." The mantle is rock. The mantle becomes "liquid" when the heat/pressure differential rises past the melting point. It's because of the pressure. That's also how different kinds of rocks form. That's what the generator is based on. But it's simpler.

In addition to pressure there are other factors at work. Sunlight, Pressure, Temperature and Water. Basically we generate anything with these variables. The cool thing though is the ability for tiles to 'morph'.

Since pressure gets more intense as you go deeper in the crust. Sunlight disappears, and Moisture goes up or down, temp rises, the world "morphs" materials into others. Similar to real life, that's also how it works in the game. For example, pressure controls what kind of rock is generated based on depth. A simple rock material will become coal or lava as we go deeper (it's not correct, but it looks neat). The lava becomes obsidian when it hardens, the obsidian then becomes diamond, ruby.

The cool thing though is that with this system I can just run a walker along the floor of a cavern with random pressures and temperatures and it'll seamlessly create coals, diamonds. Mushrooms? Sure. The system is being written to create all sorts of stuff.


Progress on collisions is still halted. I have to figure out a good way to collide stuff with SAT and maintain a stable system. I also have to muster up the strength to do it. Physics is a pain.

The pre-pre-alpha will be out once the characters are sitting nicely on the ground . There won't be any game yet, but you will be able to walk around and build stuff. There's quite a lot of stuff planned for for the rest of the game. I mean.. A LOT.

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