About the Game

This videogame project is called "Dwarf Conga" (or just Conga). Conga is an infinite, open world videogame with purpose-driven gameplay.

The game is currently in the middle of development. I post updates regularly on the homepage of this site.


About The Dev

Name: Derek Page
Employer: Presently Self-Employed
Money: Donate.
Contact: Twitter
Location: USA
College: UM Columbia
Favorite Joke: Two Peanuts Were Walking Down The Road..
Games: RE4, Diablo, Zeldas, Minecraft, Terarria
Music: EDM/Wave
Aspirations: Game development, Finish game.
My Projects:
Dynamo - Space shooter with 10 levels and the boss.
Ludum Dare 38 Entry: Defcon Zero
AD-0 - Space shooter with powerups and a few ships to unlock.
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